A 15-Day Christmas Devotional for an Untraditional Year

Rebecca Beckett

allmomdoes team member

How to cling to Jesus when you’re walking through the impossible

2020 has been quite the year.

I am not going to use the word unprecedented because I know how you feel about that word, and I’d love to avoid getting an eye roll right off the bat.

I can’t think of one single person in my life who hasn’t been affected in a profound way this year. My husband and I were hit hard financially. I have friends who have lost loved ones or who are currently watching their loved ones battle COVID-19 or other illnesses as the year goes on.

As I’ve taken this all in, I have been pondering how we can stay hopeful when we are in the grips of pain, struggling daily to simply take the next step. How do we stay focused on the cross?

Here are a few things 2020 has taught me about clinging to Jesus during the impossible:

You don’t need to hide your pain.

You shouldn’t hide your pain. You should recognize your grief. We are all going through varying levels of pain and grief this year, so let’s be honest about where we are and what we are going through. It’s the only way we can walk through the mud with someone when they are struggling.

Ask for prayer.

Let’s really pray for each other. Let’s share our prayer requests and surround each other. Find your people and press into them.

The end of your rope is the hem of his robe.

Reach out to Jesus and touch his robe. He has power to infuse into you as you work through these times in your life. It doesn’t mean they will go away, but it does mean he can give you the strength to walk the hard road.

Be gentle with yourself.

You do not have to do everything. Ask for help if you need it. Be honest with those around you. Let others help you. God will surround you with the people you need.

Cry openly.

Jesus did.

Keep reminding yourself that God is always good.

He always is. The circumstances may stink. But God is good. He is faithful. He will walk beside you. He will be with you even if the worst should happen.

I keep reminding myself that 2020 can’t win. Jesus has already overcome this world. It does not mean it’s not hard, but it does mean there is hope!

Friend, I don’t know what the rest of 2020 holds, but I know where the end is: at the foot of the cross. Cling to him because he is everything and can supply everything you need for today!

Guided Reflection

  1. Who in your life can you pray for today that you know is struggling? Write down their names and pray for them as a family. Reach out to them to let them know you are praying for them.
  2. What does “the end of your rope is the hem of his robe” mean? Read Mark 5:21–34.
  3. Write down “God Is Good” and hang it somewhere in your house to remind you every day that he is good and faithful.

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